The Technology Used Behind the Ethernet LAN

An advanced technology to provide the internet through the wire is called Ethernet also known as the local area network. A LAN is a network of computers and some electronic devices that cover small areas in the room, office, or building. It used in a vast city, which has many more networks in geographical regions. Ethernet (Ethernet คือ, Which is the term in Thai) is a network that protocols can control how data has transferred over a LAN. Therefore, it is known as the IEEE 802.3 Protocol which transmits the data at a speed of a gigabit per second after consistently improving the services over time.

So many people have used the Ethernet technology in their whole time without even understanding it is like another wired network that is in office, or at the bank, or home is also an Ethernet LAN. There are so many computers and laptops that come with a complexes Ethernet card right inside so that they will be all set to connect to the Ethernet LAN.

Things you required to connect with an Ethernet LAN

While setting up a connection of Ethernet LAN, you will need these:

Laptop and Devices to Connect: 

An Ethernet can connect to any laptop/computer or any other tools for the network as long as the gadget has the monitor of Ethernet or any network card.

Network Card which are in the Devices: 

A network interface card is not so tricky to fix into the motherboard of the laptop, or it can be installed differently in the machine, there will also be a USB Ethernet card which is called external Dongles. The Ethernet card called a network card. It has sections where to connect to the cables. There are two ports, one is for RJ-45 that will connect to the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables, and the other one is for the coaxial jack which can attach on the network card.

How does Ethernet Work?

Ethernet will need some technical knowledge for computer science to have a basic understanding of the mechanism in what is right back of the Ethernet protocol entirely. Here is an easy way: suppose a machine of the network will want to send deals to another, then it catches the carrier that is the primary wire which is connecting to all the devices.


Ethernet used anywhere, and if you have any problem with your internet, then please call the customer care number of Ethernet.

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