Traditional advertising and low cost classifieds online

Not many people are aware of the differences between traditional ads and online classifieds. Till late 90s convention systems of advertising was related to banner posting, email marketing and SMS text messages. Today the services are moving ahead to an entire new platform of classified advertising.

Even if the two look similar still there are a lot of differences between the two methods. Conventional banners and emails were simply never preferred means to advertise by many people. Not many people were actually interested in checking with emails or banners on websites. But the new classifieds offer with benefit where users check with these options.

Cost factor

With more number of users actually making use of internet services, it is obvious that online classifieds offer with affordable or free services as compared to conventional systems. The technique also encourages users to make use of multimedia options by adding Images, Videos and much more.

Users and business owners can easily add text, images, Live Videos and music to the advertisements. Earlier the traditional methods forced users to look around for professionals who could design banners by adding graphics, colors, text and logos that made the process more time consuming.

Best communication stations

Classifieds are designed to offer users with better way to interact with each other. They provide a chance where buyers and sellers can still get connected on the same platform. This makes the entire process of organizing successful campaigns more simplified. On the other hand banners could not be used by professionals to interact directly between sellers and buyers. These banners had to be placed on websites that offered a chance to read contact details only via email. In most cases, banners were considered as scams run by spammers.

Money saving solutions

Both classifieds and banners charge little money as micro finance but still they are not the same. Banners will offer with revenues in the site account of registered users but classifieds offers a chance to potential customers and sellers alike. Classifieds means spending micro money to directly contact potential customers for your services or goods. Using classifieds, both buyers and sellers are always happy and satisfied.

Receive sales directly

Classifieds are best ways for buyers to receive sales instantly in their account. The moment someone clicks your classifieds they can go through the information and then contact you directly by the contact number provided. Classifieds will help add your contact information to the advertisement to make the process more easy.

Online classifieds can be used by anyone who wants to run and organize his promotional and advertising campaign. The ad services are available online for free and low cost.

Justin Author