What are The types of Firestop Systems?

VEDA France is considered to be the best place for purchasing firestop systems such as a C firestop rope system to the M firestop mattress, firestop blanket, FB firestop filler board, and PU fire-resistant polyurethane foam. It has created an extensive range of fire barrier systems. These products are officially tested and approved for firestop joint widths from 10 to 840 mm and are suitable for use in the standard and seismic joint. Firestop systems have various products that are the following below:

  • C ropefirestop system 

C rope firestop system consists of a core of fireproof and rotproof mineral fibers bound by an outer braiding of fiberglass thread. They are resistant to water and humidity, as well as to most aggressive chemicals and micro-organisms. This Firestop in horizontal and vertical joints such as floor, wall and ceiling joints, joints between prefabricated façade elements, joints between floor edges and prefabricated façades.

  • M Mattress firestop system

This Firestop system initial joint widths from 100 to 420 mm and it is cover with or without joint cover. It has officially rated EI 120 minutes without failure.

  • Nfire stops joint

N fire stops joint range, including fire stop joint covers and fire blankets, conforms to several certifications in respect of horizontal and vertical joints. These fire stop joint covers are specially designed to ensure the fire integrity and gas-tightness of expansion joints with large gaps and/or large movements.

  • Fb Filler Board

 It materializes the expansion joint while pouring the concrete and it is 4-hour fire rated. FB effectively protects Hospitals, industrial buildings, offices, housing, hotels, malls, carparks, schools, train stations, airports, stadiums. easy to handle and to install.

  • PU fire-resistant

PU fire-resistant is guaranteed optimal acoustic and thermal insulation. It adheres to most building materials such as wood, concrete, brick, metal, but not to polyethylene, silicone or PTFE. It is used as an expanding foam in the building industry when fire resistance is required like thermal and also such as acoustic insulation, linear joint sealing, cavity filling.

  • Firestop system regulations

The regulations concerning linear joint seals, it is also commonly called fire barriers. This system has evolved in recent years. It has been executed such as a test standard that defines the testing of every firestop system. It is a classification standard for fire barriers and this  introduces an EI class, expressed in minutes, in respect of fire integrity, gas-tightness, and thermal insulation.

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