Why people spend more time on Instagram as compared to the other networks?

The most used app instagram is rated to be the best because of a number of reasons. Although this application came a lot later than many other networks but it managed to make its place and rank at the top of the chart. It has now come into a tough competition with other networks.

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What are the reasons for more use of instagram?

The popularity of instagram is increasing with each passing day and there are a number of reasons for that. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Capture and relive: Instagram gives an opportunity to people to capture the moment and save it. The use of hash-tags gives them a chance to personalise the photos and Management of identities on instagram may not be easy but is very exciting. Is there anything better than pictures to describe a story or series of events. You can never get rid of instagram once you step into its world. It lets you create your whole album that you can review any time you want going in the flashback to the lane of memories and reminiscing the moments of your life.
  2. Micro app: This is the best factor for bloggers who need a similar platform like Pinterest where the information can be shared in words visually. Being a mini platform is the original beauty of instagram.
  3. Exceptionally social: Although all social media sites are social but instagram is social in a more positive way where people can follow each other. It’s not compulsory that you follow back the one who is following you. The choice is all yours!
  4. Secure: As compared to the other networks, instagram is more secure. You can not follow the other person and view his posts unless he accepts your request. In other networks, like Facebook, you can view and save the posts despite the high privacy.
  5. Forgiving and friendly! Face the fact that this application brings smiles, joy and laughter. You can share the memories with your friends, save the posts you like in your feed and view them later. You have options of a number of filters that can let you create a chain of breath-taking pictures. Instagram is a platform to stay updated with what is happening in the world. You can not only follow your friends but celebrities as well. There are many people who learn about cooking and fashion through it. There are many course updates for students on instagram. It also posts about different job opportunities. All that one needs to do is follow the accurate account and keep oneself updated. Above all, it gives you a chance to not only like or comment on photos and videos but also talk to any account holder on messages on instagram. Sometimes, people also use different tactics to increase the number of followers and likes on their account.
  6. It is free! What else can be the best reason to use any social media application. It charges you nothing! Posting, using filters, editing, following different pages, messaging is all free.

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In the nutshell!

The research concluded something really positive that consumers of instagram do not engage in any kind of controversial or political quarrel as compared to the other platforms where one is able to read long comments of arguments among people with use of foul language. Instagram is also becoming a better place for business. New, useful and entertaining content immediately pops up even if you open instagram with a gap of one minute. The app provides your more facilities. Most of the honest and real social media friends of people turn out to be via instagram. Instagram is even neater and appropriate as compared to the other network. Once you block a content that doesn’t interest you, it won’t appear again. But, on other networks, due to the lesser number of features, somehow the content appears again giving you a rage. The great news for those who love shopping is that instagram provides high rated online shopping exposures. With a long list of such factors, there is no doubt left that instagram indeed is a better place and why it is used more as compared to the other networks.

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