Five reasons why you should invest in Waves?

Cryptocurrency has risen in a few years as it comes with great decentralized and blockchain system to spend. Today there is a trend to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now there is another cryptocurrency which is making its way it is called Waves and investing in it; you should have a wave coin wallet There are many advantages of investing in Waves rather than in biggies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Waves use a decentralized and an open-source blockchain technology. It is the future of the cryptocurrencies. As it provides features like making your cryptocurrency, it means you can make your customized tokens and offer ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on Waves platform.

You can have Waves from a functional wave coin wallet. These coin wallets can be used to store tokens and exchange them for other cryptocurrency or as in Waves we can change it for a fiat currency like USD, CNY, EUR, etc. Wave wallets are also a secured a source way store your tokens they also come with Waves extra features such as having your token and converting with another cryptocurrency or real currency. Wallets are nothing but an app by which you can manage your tokens and cryptocurrency.

Now we would discuss why we should invest in Waves: – 

  • Decentralized exchange: – Waves use a decentralized exchange to allow trade of Waves blockchain. It will enable users to have traded in another cryptocurrency and other fiat money as well. This feature comes in handy when you go towards short term mining of the cryptocurrency. So, this feature is used when you want immediately trade as the market fluctuates.
  •  Simple Contracts: – In Waves, smart contracts are not as complicated as they are in another cryptocurrency which uses Smart contract such as Ethereum. These contracts are robust and secure. This feature makes another great reason to invest in this futuristic cryptocurrency.
  • Custom-Tokens: – In this cryptocurrency, it uses its token. So that we can make our cryptocurrency have the edge over another business, and you can also have an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on the platform of the Waves. It makes door for another significant investment venture.
  • Gateways: – This cryptocurrency has another significant advantage over other cryptocurrencies. We can exchange waves for real money. You can trade your cryptocurrency for cash like USD/EUR/CNY this provides flexibility and mobility. We can exchange the cryptocurrency for money anytime we want.
  • A mix of both: – This is the cryptocurrency which has advantages of both the worlds. Here the worlds mean that you can convert your money for cryptocurrency and another way around. 

Waves is the future in cryptocurrency as you can do nearly everything with the blockchains. You can convert in your desired Gateways and have exchange in another cryptocurrency. For all these unique features, you have to invest in the waves through your wave coin wallet. You can also have your currency to spend, and the investment could be handled on the Waves own platform. If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency invest in the future  

Justin Author