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There are 2 types of rates for a loan, a fixed rate, for the duration of your repayments, you have the same nominal rate. You always pay the same monthly payments. This therefore provides great security for the management of your daily finances. Above all, your rate does not change and does not follow the new conditions on the financial markets. You are not subject to rate increases. In the event of a significant drop in rates, you can make a purchase to benefit from it. You can visit and have the best choices here now.

A variable rate: The rate paid to the bank will vary by period (generally every year). It will be calculated automatically based on the variation of a financial index such as the Euribor rate. This means that your monthly payments can go up or down over time. You also have no visibility on the total cost of your credit. You thus remain exposed to the risks of a rise in rates. 

Today, variable rate loans represent less than 1% of the files. Compare the rates of more than 100 banks with our free and no-obligation online mortgage simulation. Duration of reimbursements After the rate, duration is another very important element. It will condition a large part of the total cost of your financing. The longer your credit is, the more money it will cost you. This is true for both the total amount of interest and the total premium for loan insurance. 

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Borrowing over a longer period generally allows you to increase your purchasing capacity or limit the monthly effort, but it is not free. Another point, the proposals are generally on standard durations: 10 years 15 years 20 years 25 years 30 years Tip : nothing forces you to settle for one of these durations. If you can repay your loan in 23 years rather than 25 years by increasing your monthly payment a little, this can save you a lot of money. This can save you € 3,112 in interest and 2 years of borrower insurance premiums (i.e. several hundred euros). This requires, however, an additional effort each month. 

In here, the experts recommend that you avoid mortgage loans over 30 years. So be sure to choose your mortgage duration properly to optimize the costs given your needs and financial possibilities. 


Monthly payments: Any credit brings up the concept of “monthly payment”. This is the amount of money you will have to pay each month to the lender. It is generally fixed (mainly thanks to the fixed rate), but we will see below that it is possible to have your monthly payments changed in certain types of credit. This is another important characteristic. The higher it is, the faster it allows you to repay your commitment, but the more difficult it will be to assume on a daily basis for your finances.