How to Teach Your Kids to Brush Teeth in Right Way?

Is your toddler love to brush the teeth? In most cases, toddlers suck the toothpaste instead of applying on teeth. This creates a bad brushing experience for the parents. How to get it right? Brushing is a fun activity and your toddler is just learning it. However, morning is the busiest part for working parents and they can’t waste time in such things. Despite so, persevering in this training will soon pay off and the child will be underway to becoming the teeth brushing expert the parents hope for. 

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Why Brushing Teeth Is Important?

Following are the main reasons to brush the teeth:

  • Teeth are important for speaking and chewing.
  • Baby teeth provide support to the jaw so permanent teeth will develop easily.
  • Bring a child-sized brush (must be soft) and clean the teeth twice a day.

Brushing Essentials for Moms:

Moms must know these points before brushing the baby teeth:

  • Always purchase non-fluoride toothpaste from the Mumzworld for the toddlers (18 months to 06 years).
  • Stand on one side while toddlers brush the teeth.
  • Look through the front mirror so your baby will also look there.
  • Ask the kid to say “Aaahh” so you can see the decay symptoms. Try to find any brown lines on the gums.
  • Also try to see the plaque buildup around the gums.

Is your Child Reluctant Brusher?

Well, it may happen in start. Most kids don’t find it easy especially when they brush with a fluoride based toothpaste. It would be better to buy natural (herb based) non-fluoride toothpastes. They will like to brush with it. Also remember the following steps.

  • Brush in front of the kid. Let him see how to handle the brush.
  • Remind him why brushing the teeth is important.
  • Buy fun looking brushes of different colors. Buying several brushes may cost higher but Mumzworld Voucher Code can do some favor in this matter.
  • Sing songs or happy tunes while they brush.
  • Show them videos (cartoons or animated) of teeth brushing.
  • Let the kid put paste. Praise him (even if he doesn’t put it right) for encouragement.

Buy the Cartoon Brushes:

It is easy to get the colorful and attractive brushes from the Mumzworld. These are imperative for the beginners. In most cases, the kids take interest when parents ask them to start brushing the teeth. However, there are chances of showing hesitation because of any reason. Visit where it is easy to explore the Mumzworld Voucher Code list. This list supports the parents to purchase special hacks including cartoon toothbrushes. Also remember the given steps to help the kids.

  • Tell them about circular motions. Train them using various sides of brush.
  • Clean his gums marginally.
  • Start with the back teeth and come to front teeth.
  • Help the kid in basin after finishing brushes.
  • Tell them how to spit the toothpaste. Be patient. Your kid will take some time in this learning.

How to Buy Best Tools with Discounts?

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