The Importance Of Creating Custom Wall Banners

For business owners who have ran their business for quite some time, it is safe to assume that they have utilised their company’s wall banner multiple times. Be it in public consumer spaces such as malls or in private commercial expos, generic company banners quickly shout out the brand’s presence. Being generic, the content on the banner is relatively safe, offering good return on investment for resources poured in though at a slower rate. As such, even when such banners age or become frayed, businesses often replace them with the exact same design.

Furthermore, this helps to reduce researching and creative resources that would otherwise be needed in order to come up with a new banner design. However, over time, this means that the business is missing out on many new audiences, who may not be attracted to generic branding. Instead, a different and more customised approach is needed in order to attract their eyes.

This brings us to the purpose of this article, the effectiveness of event based, campaign based or seasonal custom wall banners. Custom wall banners are promotional tools, and deliver the same results as branded T-shirts, logo pens, Custom sports balls and Custom Styrofoam Cups. Having dedicated wall banners could provide a huge boost to the potential of your store or brand to capture audience attention. The rationale for such lies in human psychology. Our minds are tuned to pay attention to any visual that firstly stands out against the background and secondly can be partially understood. As such, it is insufficient to have eye-catching and attractive generic brand banners.

Instead, an effort to have custom banners that are in conjunction with a current trend or season would give audiences a partial innate understanding. Note that partial and not full understanding is to be aimed for as audiences who understand an offering fully will quickly lose interest in the visual.

Another form of content that wall banners can contain is that of soft selling. Typically, businesses try to quickly inform users of their products and services while also placing their brand at the forefront. An alternative but slightly risky approach is to use soft selling content. For example, instead of directly selling your metal or bamboo straws on the banner, you could instead use it to tell audiences of the danger of plastic straws. As such, audiences may not immediately recognise what is being offered, but they would be less resistant to message as they perceive it to be purely informational.

Finding a custom wall banners printing company to help you create an effective seasonal or soft selling banner could help you to reach out to new market segments that you have missed out on in the past. This would be a source of new customers who would then offer you the opportunity of realising their full customer life time value.

Justin Author