A Complete Guide to Discover Interchange Rates and Pass-Thru Fees

Discover is a leading credit card company in the US that provides different types of cards for customers. It is a famous brand like Amex, Mastercard, and Visa which aims at catering to the needs of consumers when they want to buy a product online or in person. On the other hand, the company won’t publish its interchange tables and people should get details about them from a payment processor or others. The organization has separate categories and rates that aim at satisfying the requirements of merchants. 

How to lower interchange fees?

The interchange fees of Discover cards may vary from one merchant service provider to another service provider in a location. Therefore, it is necessary to know them in detail that will help meet exact needs. Merchants willing to lower interchange fees should know more about pass-through fees because they play a key role in reducing the prices. However, a merchant should know how to calculate the same from different sources that will help ruin a business successfully in the markets. The pass-through fees are transparent and involve lower costs that give ways to reduce expenses.

Why is the pass-through price model the right choice for Discover card transactions?

The payment processors offer a pricing model for merchants when they want to process card transactions. A tiered pricing model is significantly less transparent that will cause several problems to a merchant. Furthermore, it breaks fees into three tiers which are very complicated to understand. Similarly, a fixed pricing model charges only one single fee for transactions used by customers irrespective of the card type. However, it can charge different fees based on the transaction type. That’s why a pass-through price model is the best option for a merchant to process Discover card transactions without any difficulties.

Advantages of pass-through price model

The primary advantage of a pass-through price model is that it gives ways to get the actual interchange rates to customers while processing card transactions. Moreover, the model is suitable for those who want to understand the cost of credit card acceptance with ease. It charges only a fixed margin and transaction fee above interchange that will help reduce expenses to a large extent. Those who want to get the best credit card processing fees can choose this model which ultimately paves ways to minimize high expenses.

How to choose a pass-through price model?

Merchants who want to select a pass-through model should seek support from a reputed company that offers excellent services in the markets. It is wise to read reviews online that pave ways to pick the right one based on the choices and other things. With a pass-through model, merchants can provide customers with the best solution. Apart from that, they can also streamline their operations effectively which helps generate high revenues. A merchant should understand the components of the model properly to process all types of Discover credit cards with low rates. Also, it provides ways to run a business in the markets with high profits that will increase income.

Justin Author