Creating Brand Loyalty – 5 Essential Elements For a Successful and Profitable Email Campaign

To Become A Skilled Email Marketer, you need to understand how to continue improving results over time. The following information will start you on your way to increasing your company’s “Brand Loyalty”.


FACT: 90% of readers will use email to engage in and determine the value of a relationship with a company.

Regardless of the primary purpose of your email, it will have an impact on and be impacted by, the strength of your company’s brand. If the impact is good, your email program will enhance credibility and create a sense of trust with your consumer, which are major components of brand equity.

However, if your brand equity is low, it will create a negative impact and turn away readers from even opening your email to begin with.

If your brand equity is low, it is probably because of one or two reasons:

1) Your company is new and has not established a brand

2) Your brand carries a sense of low value or trust.

In this case, a combination of a preference center and a welcome email is critical, i.e. on your web page where someone is about to opt-in with their email information, it must be clearly stated what the web sites main objectives are and the value proposition (benefits) someone will receive once they opt-in for that information.


Creating an effective email requires that you start with a clear understanding of consumer reality….

What is consumer reality? It is what the consumer is thinking or expecting when they open your email. NOT what your marketing department or employees assume will happen.

In designing your email, there are four basic considerations you should employ:

o Don’t’ assume your email recipient has seen your TV, print, or in-store ad.

Always reference your original ad.

o Your email recipient rarely reads all your emails.

The average email recipient must receive three emails in a row before they even open one.

o The copy in your email may not work.

Email copy is poetic right? REALITY CHECK: make sure you use the most relevant keywords and search phrases people use when visiting your site to make your copy the most effective.

Justin Author