Living in Brussels cheaply

Brussels, the de jure capital of Belgium, is the largest municipality and historical center of Brussels capital region and known for vast green space. It is also known as the European Union’s capital city because of the administrative center of the European Union.Even though it is a small city but it is the merger of 19 municipalities like St. Gilles and Ixelles. And the most discussed topic of not even in Brussels but the whole of Belgium is the weather. It can go from sunny to rain in just a couple of minutes and then back to sunshine.

Apart from its diversified culture, there is always some festival or event going on in this citywhether it is film festival or chocolate event that a visitor can’t refuse to enjoy. And the most important thing language if someone doesn’t know Dutch or French then no need to worry because it’s an international city and English is accepted in Belgium.

Living in Brussels

Brussels is a great city for students as well as for working professionals because of world ranking university and business corporation. Although it’s a nice city to visit or living in as a student or working professional, it is fairly expensive. The cost of living in this city is high, especially housing, markets, and electricity bills. But that can be reduced if you find some flat-sharing or shared houses in Brussels such as Morton Place for more info you can click here.

Challenges for new people

The most challenging thing is to find a place to live in Brussels with all the facilities. Because sometimes the rent is too high and sometimes you don’t get the proper facility that someone wanted. Because you can’t google everything, so Morton Place can solve all your problems.

Morton Place provides good accommodation with all the facilities. You don’t need to worry about anything they will take care of everything. Just contact them, and they will give you a tour live or virtual. Living in Parvis, Chatelain or Louise will give you a wonderful memory which is nearby to St. Gilles.

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